BearFeather Studio

BearFeather Studio was conceived in 1995 in order to dream, create and inspire.


Through photography, music, the written word and three-dimensional art people are stimulated to endeavor to expand themselves and their day-to-day lives.

The owners of BearFeather, Ken and Penny Hall, are both professional working artists.  Ken creates in the mediums of fine art photography, music on the Native American style cedar flute and the written word while Penny uses the mediums of sculpted leather art and the written word.  Both are visionaries and story tellers.  The stories told through the mediums that both Ken and Penny master reflect intent and commitment to stand firm in their belief that life is created to be whole, peaceful and abundant.

Both artists have had countless stories and testimonials bestowed upon them reflecting how their art enhances the lives of those who see, purchase or are gifted the art works.

Ken’s body of fine art photography is known as his “InnerVisions Portfolio” and the flute music is from the “Remembrance Project”.  Ken’s fine art photography is in private, corporate and museum collections in twelve countries.

Penny’s leather sculptures are known as her blessing bowls.  The first one was created as a therapy project when she was diagnosed as legally blind.  She used her art to prove to herself that she was not blind.

The spirit of jumping into the unknown of Life and not to believe in perceived limitation  fosters people to dream, create and inspirethe credo of BearFeather studio.

The Madison Valley is our studio and The Unlimited Universe and its miracles are what we create and share with our fellow travelers thru Life.

– Ken and Penny Hall

BearFeather Studio
204 E Ennis Street
Ennis, MT 59729

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