Madison Marathons – Race the Madison

Race in the Madison Marathons and take your place on some of the most rugged racing terrain in the US.  From humble beginnings in 1995 with the 5K Madison River run, the Greater Yellowstone Adventure Series has become a collection of premier running events.  All the races take place in the beauty and majesty of the Madison River Valley and run through wild country, ghost towns and among the wildlife.

This year, a new event, the Madison Ultra Marathons, challenges runners to go past the 26K mark by running either up or down – your choice! Madison Ultra Up, Madison Ultra Down, or as part of a team of two with one teammate going up and the other down and the combined times determine the winner.  Either way will result in a 6000′ change in elevation.  Truly unique among Ultra events.

For the truly adventurous, please note that three of the races are labeled as “legs” of something called the Madison Trifecta. This means the completion of the Madison Duathlon (first leg), Madison Marathon (second leg), and the Madison Triathlon (third leg) all within a four week time span. This is called the Madison Trifecta.  Complete all three in the same year and earn a coveted Bad Ass Award!

Rounding out the racing opportunities are the Big Sky Marathon and the Tour de Gravelly.  It is possible to run all summer in our Madison Valley, swim in the lake formed by the Madison River and marathon with view of the Madison Range of the Rocky Mountains.  The races are a great addition to a summer vacation as families and friends can enjoy all the wonders of southwest Montana.

For complete information, race dates and sign-ups, visit Madison Marathons.


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