Pet Travel Information

It’s vacation time! And who better to ride shotgun than your best 4-legged buddy. Montana might be close to dog heaven…wide open spaces, room to roam and amazing wildlife. But before you decide to bring your city-pup to the country, give some thought to the following pet travel tips.
1. If there’s a fence, you or your dog are not allowed to cross it without permission.
2. Wildlife really is everywhere here – be aware that at any moment your dog may tear-off after a deer, antelope, rabbit or something bigger! Which leads to…
3. Unless your dog is under complete voice control, a leash is his best friend in a new place – even in the woods.
4. Just because it’s wild country, doesn’t mean you should leave your dog’s “deposits” behind. Pick it up.
5. Many hotels and campgrounds are pet-friendly, but all have different rules and charges. Book ahead and ask for their policies – then abide by them!
6. National Parks, state parks and local parks all have different pet rules – check ahead. Click the link for limitations and pet information for Yellowstone National Park.
7. Really think about what a long road trip means for your pet. Many of them are used to travel and love it. Others will become agitated and insecure with all the changes. Be sure your pet will enjoy the trip.
8. Really think about what a long road trip with your pet means to you. Extra stops, finding cool parking while you eat, skipping activities because your pet isn’t invited can add stress to your travel. Be sure you and your family will enjoy the trip.
9. Lakes, river and streams are for everyone. Be courteous of fishermen and others enjoying the water and keep your dog under control.
10. Always carry a pet first-aid kit and extra towels for muddy paws or emergency. Check with your vet for appropriate items for the area you are planning to visit.

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